Self Managed Credentialing

You are a credentialing pro! Manage your process like one.

Keeping the credentialing process in house can have its benefits especially for larger organizations who have a need for instant internal access and information as well as for organizations who may be wrapped with multiple layers of accreditation or compliance requirements.

The self managed process allows for employees in your organization to have a lead credential management account and position utilizing quickcreds software platform as the management backbone of your processes. There is very little learning curve and training that must be accomplished for a credentialing professional to grasp the use of the system.

What’s Included ?

Manage Provider information

Manage Enrollments

Report on everything

Manage alerts and renewals

A little more detailed on what’s included:

  • Repositories to store all information from gathered from providers.
  • The ability to store documents for management and monitoring against dates and actions such as expirations or renewals.
  • Complete and log Primary Source Verification for each provider.
  • Complete and manage privileging within your facility or manage provider credentialing at other 3rd party facilities such as hospitals or surgical suites.
  • Policy Access to provide accreditation and auditing entities.
  • Manage payer enrollments from start to finish with task assignment and logging.
  • Recredential and update provider information easily.
  • Deploy easy to read and collect attestation directly from each provider.
  • Customized reporting and report scheduling.

Self Managed Advantages

Keep your process in house and at your fingertips

Update and Credential on your time when needed

Customizable Reporting of all kinds

Total Insight and Transparency into Your Credentialing Processes

Store and manage all your provider information*

**Documents, verifications, privileges and more in one easy to access digital environment

Contact the QuickCred today to see how deploying a self managed credentialing solution at your organization can can help ensure proper and efficient credentialing.

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