Fully Managed Credentialing and Enrollment

Credentialing got you down? Remove it from your daily workflow!

For many organizations the task of credentialing, running verification, staying on top of regulatory compliance, enrolling providers with health plans and keeping them enrolled can be a daunting task. QuickCred’s fully managed solution is one of the first of its kind providing organization’s of all shapes and sizes the ability to remove the credentialing tasks from their organizations workflow. QuickCred’s experienced credentialing staff creates efficiencies in the process by leveraging volume and relationships within the credentialing world. Optimization of the process allows for QuickCred to provide faster enrollments*, automate compliance checks on verifications, and removal of the process from the subscribing organization.

With a fully managed QuickCred subscriptions organizations get the benefits of:

  • QuickCred directly gathers information from providers
  • Documents are collected, stored and monitored for renewals.
  • All Primary Source Verification is completed for each provider.
  • Provider privileging is completed when required and made accessible for board approval
  • Existing provider recredentialing
  • Policy Access to provide accreditation and auditing entities
  • New provider enrollment in governmental and commercial payers*
  • Extensive ongoing monitoring of licensing, insurance and disciplinary actions

*enrollments are charged on a per provider per enrollment basis unless an unlimited enrollment subscription is purchased


100% outsourced processes

Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly Recap calls With Your Account Manager

Customizable Reporting of all kinds

Total Insight and Transparency into Your Credentialing Processes



Enroll in a QuickCred Fully Managed Services Subscription


Onboard your Providers into the QuickCred System with 3 simple options

Digital Data Transfer of Current Files including CAQH Import

On Site Scanning of Paper Provider Files by a Trusted Mobile Scanning Partner

On Site Onboarding with a Visit from QuickCred’s Staff**

**Onsite visit requires extra fee and travel expenses

Contact the QuickCred today to see how deploying a fully managed credentialing solution at your organization can can help ensure proper and efficient credentialing.

Contact the credentialing at QuickCred today to see how using advanced primary source verification services can help ensure proper and efficient credentialing.