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Medical Groups

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Medical groups face challenges credentialing and maintaining credentials for multiple providers across multiple locations and payer networks.

Independent Medical Offices can save time and money by removing the credentialing process from their daily workflow.

Medical Offices

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Community Healthcare

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Community Health Centers face strict regulation around credentialing providers in order to keep FQCHC status.

Credentialing stakeholders and external providers with privileges can be a challenge in the ASC space.

Surgery Centers

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Extended Care

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Properly credentialing and maintaining credentials of providers in the post acute care setting keeps organizations in compliance while ensuring providers maintain credentials protecting the safety and care of residents.

Maintaining credentialing protocols in the Inpatient Acute Care environment has unique challenges that we help organizations overcome.

Health Plans

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Building health plan networks, expanding networks, maintaining credentials and keeping up to date with conforming status through advanced monitoring abilities allow Health Plans to create efficiency and growth.

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