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CAQH eases the burden of provider data collection, maintenance and distribution.
Some payers will if there are extenuating circumstances but, more often than not, they will not retro.
We will monitor all documents, verifications, exclusions, payer enrollments, facilities (if applicable), facility enrollments, database maintenance, enroll providers and facilities with payers, get providers privileged with facilities and basically any other service that has to do with credentialing that comes up. What we need from you would be to send all documents, assist with obtaining signatures when necessary, and providing information on the group and providers as needed. The goal is to take as much off of your shoulders as possible.
The enrollment process in time can vary from payer to payer, but the overall timeframe is 30-180 days from the date the application is received.
We check the status bi-weekly unless we are told differently by the payer.
Yes I can look into various health plans in your area to ensure you are enrolling in all the plans that are popular.
With self-managed, you get access to our system and you perform credentialing functions. With fully-managed, we do all credentialing for you.
Yes, however we must first review the credentialing work done for each provider/facility you would like to have recredentialed. We do this to ensure the credentialing was done correctly and we can efficiently perform the recredentialing for you.
While expediting is not generally available, we ensure each application is verified for accuracy at the time of submission and we frequently follow up with the payer to ensure the application is being processed in a timely manner.
Yes, we credential both practitioners and facilities. QuickCred will do both internal and external credentialing, including facility payer enrollments.
We have formatted our system to appear similar to CAQH. However, we do not integrate with CAQH.
Yes, we will become the contact for the IPA. We will treat them like any other payer.
QuickCred has the ability to send applications directly from the platform. QuickCred has the ability to log and task for follow up with payers.
Absolutely! We will submit an LOI directly to the payer. We will forward the contract to you for review upon receipt.
We provide you with a secure Dropbox links where you can safely send your documents to us.
As a fully-managed client, we will be doing most of the work for you! We will, however, send you a process document to you and review how you can assist us in making sure your credentialing happens quickly and efficiently.
Yes! You can always have access and review what is happening with your account!
We generally run exclusion reports once per month, but you can run them as often as you like!

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